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Looking for someone from Ashburn, Virginia that can help with Photography? We've rounded up some helpers below.

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Gavin Millette

Rate: $49/session



Rob Docherty VIP

Rate: $49/session

"It's better to work in real time together on screen. What a simple idea."

I started this website because I wanted an on screen helper for myself.

Shane K Laufman

Rate: $55/session

"I am not good at deprecating humor... it is like watching a train wreck, this statement is a testament to that :)"

With a background in Finance, Marketing, Audio Engineering, and Business. I have helped many entities from Senators, Bio-Tech, and Trades to helping felons with their startups and getting them from zero to over six figures within 2 years. With over 2,000 students a year I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be able to provide raw and unabridged feedback for you and your project.

What People Say...

Working together is game-changing.

You'll wonder why you ever wasted time doing it any other way!

I never knew that learning photography could be so much fun!

- Christina L.

I've only just begun on my journey to better understand photography

- John S.

Suddenly I feel like I'm an expert in photography! It's crazy!

- Tom A.