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Setup a Mailchimp campaign Setup a new Shopify store Integrate Klaviyo Migrate my WordPress site SquareSpace setup Create a new site on Wix Setup a new Weebly website Finish my design in Photoshop Setup Office 365 Emails Help with Apple devices Increase Instagram audience Get mixing help in Pro Tools Get songwriting help

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a helper do for me? How do I know they'll be able to help me?
The goal of our screen sharing service is to make a best-effort to provide technical and creative support to anybody that's losing money on their time. We provide a platform for individuals to screenshare with helpers to listen, assess and teach or resolve issues. If you aren't satisfied with the service provided, we'll provide a refund.
What does this cost?
Rates are dictated by the helpers themselves. We take a percentage of their fee at no additional cost to you.
Where are the helpers based?
All across the world.
Do you offer refunds?
If you aren't happy, we'll fully refund your money.
Is this safe & secure?
Is anything truly safe & secure? Our platform is as secure as it can be when utilizing multiple third-party integrations. We recommend not sharing any highly confidential or secure information with your helper or with our staff unless it directly pertains to the issues at hand and is absolutely required.